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          At the moment I have a pair of Jersey Woolies. I don't show them right now and don't think i will be. Fortunately, I have a Tort buck and a Blue Seal doe.  My doe is better in body type than the buck, but the buck is a bit smaller. Unfortunately I have been forced to down size my herd so I will not be breeding or selling anymore Jerseys.What is on my For Sale page is the last of what I have. They are one of my favorite breeds but they are taking up to much cage pace and are to much hair for me to handle! I do know a few Jersey Wooly breeders so if anyone is interested in a Iersey Wooly I may be able to help.


"Mopp Head".
The picture above is of my Blue Seal Jersey Woolie Doe. She is a bit bigger than my buck but her body and wool is much nicer.


"Fuzz Bucket"
The picture above is my Tort Jersey Woolie Buck. As you can see his wool isn't the best but his body is ok. He is nice and small too.  He should be a fairly good breeding buck as long as I have a good doe.